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Deutschlands führende Nachrichtenseite. German- English Dictionary: Translation for Spiegel. It is not making enough money, magazine bosses decided. Der Spiegel is a German weekly news magazine published in Hamburg. The story was published in English, too, on Spiegel International, the same day that the magazine hit newsstands, and it was subsequently picked up across English -language media.

At Spiegel International, the coverage drew droves of readers, who shared it across social media platforms. SPIEGEL International, Hamburg, Germany. For further information please contact our. Many translated example sentences containing "Magazin der Spiegel " – English – German dictionary and search engine for English translations. Translations in context of " spiegel " in Dutch- English from Reverso Context: voor de spiegel, in de spiegel kijken, in de spiegel kijkt, kijk in de spiegel, spiegel voor. Spiegel translated from Dutch to English including synonyms, definitions, and related words. Personally, this is a great disappointment, because Spiegel is one of my two favorite German news brands, the other being Die Zeit. As the corpus consists of 4,382,624 tokens, the English -based units make up for 1. At first glance, this might be seen as indicative of a limited impact of English, but the figures obtained for most.

Surely i could just buy a german sim card and swap it out with the uk one and then buy prepaid cards in Germany and carry on using it?

Der spiegel english

Yes this is what I meant (in a sleepy Saturday morning kinda way). With an editorial staff of its own, it takes a more pugnacious line than the print version, though without detracting from its in-depth coverage. It also puts out an international version in English with translations of the best articles in the magazine, and runs various online-only. Wer denkt, Vorratsdatenspeicherungen und „Big Data“ sind harmlos, der kriegt hier eine Demo an Spiegel.

The magazine stands behind its reporting and has made the decision to post the audio online in. Mit Flexionstabellen, Aussprache und vielem mehr. English as a source of language influence in German Die Welle der Anglo- Amerikanisierung schldgt iiber uns zusammen und droht das deutsche Sprachschiff auf den Grund zu schicken. Company Website Notes BBC News news.

News by country, mostly on internet and technology. Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) is multidisciplinary research institute working on Existential Risk at the University of Oxford. The artist has defended the cover, claiming the comparison between Trump and the so-called "Islamic State" is fair. Detractors have pointed out that such an analogy is lazy and downplays the threat of Islamic extremism. In November, it published an illustration of Trump as a meteor speeding toward Earth. While that image attracted some attention, this latest effort by Rodriguez appears to have gone further. He also drew a Trump illustration for the cover of Time. Barok spiegels,moderne en antieke spiegels in iedere maat en stijl.

Spiegels met goud,zilver,zwarte en witte lijsten. Grote spiegels Gratis Levering Nederland en België. Links to free online dictionaries and translation resources for German.

Der spiegel english

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