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All you needed to do was sign up for Space Race and get started using Dropbox, then rally others at your school to do the same. Will I get a regular referral bonus for inviting people to Space Race ? Are university alumni eligible for Space Race ? What is Dropbox Campus Cup, and how do I participate? At this point, the space earned through Campus Cup will be removed from each participating Dropbox account. If you are a college student anywhere in the world, Dropbox just launched an interesting new program, The Great Space Race, which will run for the next eight weeks and allow college students to get up to 25GB of free Dropbox storage for the next two years. To qualify for the extra space, students have to. Each person gets an extra 3GB just for signing up for the Space Race, but if the school. Come March, all that free extra space that was given in the Great Space Race campaign – up to 25GB – will revert to the original 6GB free.

Well, unless of course, you pay a premium to keep the space. I was one of the first four nodes (people who signed up) for Space Race in NUS. It took only about an hour before the Space. You really have to give it Dropbox, they seem to always find a way to give users more and more free storage space—from the free 500 MB space for referral sign- ups to additional 500 MB of storage for photo uploads. Dropbox is a platform for cloud storage and file sharing.

VIT at the time of event creation is ranked. Via de Dropbox Space Race kan het e-mailadres van je school of studie ingevoerd worden om zo een punt te verdienen voor je opleiding. Afhankelijk van het aantal punten dat je school heeft krijg je meer. The service launched a marketing strategy in the form of a contest aimed at higher education. The prize is more space in your Dropbox account. Earn free Dropbox space for everyone at your school!

Join Space Race to get an extra 3 GB for two years, plus the space your school earns! Briljante actie afgelopen week van Dropbox. The idea behind the Dropbox Space Race ( obviously) is that the paid subscriptions it will eventually generate will far. Disclaimer This post is for educational purposes only. If you succeed in getting NUS banned from future Dropbox space races, you will singlehandedly.

Most people only have 2GB of free Dropbox space, which is certainly not enough. Luckily enough, there are some quick ways to increase the amount of free Dropbox space in just under 5 minutes. The ones I have participated in were Dropquest (a really tough one) and “ Space Race ” for universities. Pour cela, il vous suffisait de vous inscrire à la.

But what was more surprising was that all of them talked about one thing: “ Dropbox ”. Super amazed to see so many people talk about the same thing, I went to one of the posts and found out that Dropbox has started a new campaign called the “The Dropbox Great Space Race ”. One cannot say that the Dropbox team is not inventive when it comes to new methods of promoting their file hosting and synchronization service. Dropbox se ha propuesto ser la plataforma de almacenamiento online más usada y para ello ha lanzado un programa enfocado a estudiantes para que colaboren entre sus compañeros de universidad para conseguir más espacio cada uno. Realizando diferentes tareas como invitar a un amigo, hacer un tutorial. By convincing colleagues and students to sign up it was possible for individuals to gain access to significantly enhanced storage space. Colleges students represent the cheapest, most viral form of advertising any company can, and should, latch on to.

The latest company proving that point is Dropbox. In fact, nine of the top 10 education institutions were from different countries. By the end of the competition, Dropbox had provided 30. The more affiliates that sign up (or sign in, if you already have an account), the more points that the university accumulates.

Those points translate to additional Dropbox.